Five Reasons Why Guys Who Dig You, Dump You

Most of us have been there. You thought everything was going fabulous with your man until next thing you know you’ve been handed a one way ticket to dumps-ville. Then, just as you… Continue reading

Top Celeb Chefs Share Their Weirdest Eats…

Reindeer testicles, loin of puppy, snakes eyes and cat liver. While they might sound like the ingredients you would toss into the witches cauldron this Halloween – for top UK celebrity chef Hugh… Continue reading

Living with Autism

Meet Lisa Domican, mother of two children Grace, 12, and Liam, 13, who both have Autism – a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates. Lisa adores her kids and loves… Continue reading

Ten Girl’s Night Out Commandments

Most of us can admit to having done the following: planning a sophisticated night on the town with four of our besties only to wake up in the morning on top of our… Continue reading

Irish Food Blogs

In the past, when an Irish food enthusiast decided they wanted to take the frying pan into their own hands, so to speak, they had to leaf through the floury pages of an… Continue reading

Your Relationship CV

Just like hiring a new employee, starting a new relationship can be a complicated affair. You are looking for loyalty, trust and someone who understands your needs. Meanwhile the past of our new… Continue reading

Toxic Collegues

Most people have encountered this scenario – you’re desperately trying to finish some work but your colleague won’t let up. She’s telling you about her mad weekend but you can’t think. So what… Continue reading

Is Your Biological Clock Saying Goodbye?

Making the decision to leave a lover behind can be the hardest decision you will ever make. But what if the reason is purely scientific? Many women find when they approach their late… Continue reading

What’s Your Handbag IQ?

Whether you have a Prada or a Penny’s you are sure to agree that your handbag is an important part of your life. From large ones to small ones – from fancy leather… Continue reading

How to Meet a Guy in 10 Days

They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you meet your prince. So is it any wonder we women, confronted with drunken men every Saturday night, give up? Sinead Nolan… Continue reading

Short Story Writing Summer Classes

Love writing and stories but never know where to start? Have lots of ideas and a drawer full of unfinished drafts? Why not let the world see your words! Short stories are by… Continue reading

Short Stories – Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

  There is no doubt that people these days have less time or inclination to read. What with online gaming, Netflix, Facebook and Twitter, and the never-ending supply of online entertainment (not to… Continue reading

A Quick Date?

Let me just say, being a single lady in London can be both fun and delightfully empowering – but not more so than when you are faced with fifteen men, a pencil and… Continue reading

Who Would You Tell

Suicide is one of those issues that is tough to discuss because of all of the feelings it dredges up – especially if you have ever experienced someone close to you who has… Continue reading

Is the Internet Threatening Our Democracy?

The chances are if you can identify with not owning your own digs, serving coffee to skangers or having an uninvited rodent living under your bed who you have affectionately named Reagan  –… Continue reading

When You Realise You’re Wearing Blood

If you’ve ever had to work very long hours for minimum wage you might have a tiny inkling of how it feels to work in a Bangladesh sweatshop. A tiny inkling but of… Continue reading

Beauty Essentials…

There are so many products out there for women that at times it may boggle the mind. However, when you get to the grand old age of 26 you become more astute at weeding… Continue reading

I’m Not Eating That!

Whether it’s the over-cooked Brussels sprouts that you were forced to eat as a kid or the raisins in the pudding that made you sick one Christmas – it seems it’s a common… Continue reading

Christmas Power Foods

Many of us dread this time of year as we watch the scales move against our favour. But there are plenty of typical Christmas foods which can be very beneficial to your health.… Continue reading

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