The Holiday Romance


Why is it, sometimes as women we can find ourselves so insanely unlovable? Why is it that a holiday romance can suddenly turn everything around? When you are single, you need some affirmation that you are attractive. This can be sought in a number of different ways, and are all as equally satisfying as having a man in our lives:

1) Wearing what you want, whenever you want. This can be anything from a feather boa coupled with snakeskin boots to a full nun costume with a button up pleather jacket – all that matters is, you want to wear it. People might think you’re a loser or slightly insane but like, noone will stop you.


2) Career – Having time to focus on your life map. Not having to take into consideration some guy when you are thinking of going travelling or becoming an ostrich farmer on the chilean coast. Seriously, a huge amount of women pass up plans for men who dump them the following year. Don’t be a statistic – stay single. You also have time to take on endevours such as learning to knit, fly-fishing, or becoming a facebook/sudoku addict..

3) Holiday Romances – would not be possible without the aid of being single. They are possible in a relationship, but come with a nice fresh side salad of guilt.

Perhaps no matter how much self-affirming things you do like spending time with amigos, getting really quick at pearl a line, knit a line, or dressing up for a night out can really replace that gaping hole which is your body clocks plight for a life partner. But there is definitely one thing that can help.
Holiday romances are good for the spirit, because they are unexpected, like suddenly finding out there are extra tickets on sale for that sold out concert you wanted to go to. They are good because there are no expectations – its a short, gripping love tale – instead of the beginning of a novel. Its like a bite size version of all the good things that come with relationships like sex, getting to know the person, and butterflies – combined in a romantic unknown setting, without all of the bad things – like the drama, uncertainty and worry of getting in too deep too soon. Sometimes the language barrier means you don’t even understand all of what is being said. ‘Your eyes look like the sea’ sounds alot sexier in Spanish then it does in English. Knowing that you have a time limit allows you to basically be yourself, the cool you, and not worry about the time when they’re going to learn your darker side. Its all of that, and a confidence boost, because one of the problems of being single is the slight worry that perhaps its your own fault. That maybe in some small way you are not at all fanciable, and perhaps slightly neurotic! A holiday romance reaffirms that you are indeed attractive to at least one of the 3 billion hairy beasts on the planet, and that you were even attractive enough for them to tell you that fact not just think it. It allows you a mysterious smile and memories to keep you sane during the cold nights where you lie alone on your thin single bed, thinking about how you might end up an old maid. It allows you, provided you are responsible in your endevours, to do the ‘can’t touch this’ dance every day over the following days, and boast about it to all of your friends.

However there are certain rules which should not be broken to ensure the holiday romance keeps its magic:

1) Do not stay in touch –  Try to keep it going and you have a long distance relationship on your hands – a WHOLE different kettle of fish..


2) Use a condom – taking home a ‘souvenir’ is not the objective

2) Do not expect commitment – it is what it is, what it is..

3) Do not limit yourself – be yourself, its not often you can!

The best thing about the holiday romance is the ability to walk away. If you adhere to the rules of the holiday romance, then you will be eternally grateful for it. You will remember it as that small flash of beautiful light among the many terrible endings you have had in your serious relationships, and that cannot be a bad thing.