You are what you eat II

I'll be good from now on..

I'll be good from now on..

I’m afraid to admit I have become a little like my nemisis Dr. Gillian McKeith (see earlier post ‘You are what you eat’.) The woman, who hails from the crazy world of the ultra healthy (with a humour by-pass to match) is actually a little bit right. Ah, you see I thought I was so clever with my coffee, junk food, alcohol and high stress living..
I don’t think anyone wants the details of my panic attacks – but lets just say they were about as much fun as an anal probe examination.
I’m now doing exercise again, drinking peppermint tea and ‘Eating Healthy’ and the shizzle. I had forgotten how good it felt.

Dr. Gillian, you may use more natural herbs then a junkie, but I’m your biggest fan..

Note: I did not follow Gillians book, merely mocked it and then found my own healthy style of living. Therefore Gillian has nothing to do with my new found happiness. But I thought I better let people know, we are now more similiar then when i was a coffee drinking cynic a few weeks ago…