God wouldn’t have made pork pies if we weren’t meant to eat them.

So it’s sorted. It’s not my lack of cash, and it’s not my lack of time. It is my lack of culture and imagination that causes me to retain my rubenesque look (ie. fat) The conclusion hit me like a ton of chocolate, when my german friend moved in with me. I don’t have a regular daily diet.. it can vary from a bacon sandwich in the morning, pringles in the afternoon, the odd chicken sandwich with mayo, maybe some fish and chips and then a kebab for dinner – to the odd healthy day – no breakfast, sushi for lunch and a casserole or something I’ve bothered to include vegetables in for dinner.

Nevertheless, my weekly shop is never usually too difficult. Granted the actual supermarket itself is the most depressing place on earth. Every time I go there I get trolley rage, PMS (post mental supermarket disorder) or I need councelling afterwards, but that aside, the shopping part is fine. (They had a cardboard cut out of a police man at the door the other day, like a cardboard police man can do anything.) 
First I have to say I’m busy gal ok? So dont judge when I say that I went straight for the ready meal aisle. There was a time earlier on in the year where I was still bothered to cook, but over the last two months I gave up. Ready meals (not the skanky ones, but the relatively fresh ones) are cheap, tasty and there are many, many varieties of them. Also, you can still buy the odd ingredient to throw in to make it nicer. Ready sauces, and powder packets that you just add chopped tomatoes to are great as well. Anyway, so here I am moseying down the ready meal aisle.. freezing, because I’ve misguidedly decided to wear denim short shorts. Moments earlier I had been put to shame by my ‘I don’t eat ready meals, I prefer to cook’  friend. My German friend is busy cavorting around the fruit and veg, plopping various things I’ve not heard of into the shared trolley (always bad idea) ‘Artichoke.. aubergine.. peppers.. ummm.. this (picks up something else green).. oooh shallots.. thai spices.. apples..’ she’s saying under her breath. I wander off back to  the ready made aisle and find a reduced price (cos its about to go off) fajita pack.. and some chicken singapore noodles.. my journey sounds more like this ‘Ooooh garlic bread.. oooh dip.. mmm pork pies..’ I take a look at myself.. good god..  I think.. what have I come to?! I’ve gained at least half a stone in the past 8 months, and although cooking might be a pain, maybe I should be more concerned! Then I come straight back to reality and grab a few more ready meals to take back to the trolley. Maybe  one day, I reason vaguely..

The next day, my German friend cooks me and our other friend the most amazing home cooked lunch I’ve ever eaten. It is thai red curry, made entirely of veg – and incredibly delicious. The following day she makes a huge salad with mozzerella balls and baked nan with cress.. (I fry two pork burgers to go with it, because I think I might not be able to make it on just the bread and salad.. still, not doing too bad) tomorrow it is risotto.. I also tried a bit of her home made pesto she made for herself.. and her baked tomato and goats cheese package.

Conclusion? German girl has got her European cruisine head screwed firmly on.  I will try and change soon.. honest..