Fox news: A load of Shiite…

It’s good living in a country like the UK.  I had totally forgotten what a load of biased crap American news was until I had a little look at Fox News today, accidentally, when I was looking for up to date, to the minute coverage.. of the outside of Michael Jackons house 3 days after his death (just to ya’know make sure he’s still dead and all that, they have to stay there just in case something big happens..) I watched the video. God what a bunch of square right-wing puppets those Fox presenters are.  There was some inanely boring woman asking some entertainment reporter on crack some inanely boring questions.. Maybe they only annoy me so much because I know they report a load of biased crap and then call it ‘Fair and Balanced news’. (We were shown this amazing video in ethics class a few months ago, and it toally stuck with me. Sadly alot of Americans who never get outside their country never realise how biased it is.) Here’s a hum-dinger for you. I clicked on world news on Fox’s website… ooh what a surprise. It seems the world actually only consists of Iraq, Iran and America at the moment. Here’s a heartwarming story about how great things are in a Iraq. (They conveniently leave out the bits about them going and.. um killing people and stuff.. shhh),2933,529281,00.html 

And it’s funny, I googled this Iraq Nursing Program they mention and it doesn’t seem to come up with any results. Neither was it on any other news channel. What a pioneering new scheme it must be. Either that or Fox made it up — Never!!
I then went to their entertainment section to read a cracking review about a cracking film which happens to be made by a company who Fox is in a cracking allegiance with. In other words – they give it a good review cos’ like, it’s their mate’s film. Just like a mammy would give her own kid a good review – stands to reason. 

Perhaps I’m bad at explaining it.. here’s a good blog about it:

This has been me, reporting with my fair, accurate and completely biased blog. Hope you enjoyed!