Petition against puppy farming in Ireland

Online Petition, Please Sign and help convince the government to pass the amendment bill to help stop puppy farming:


Sign the above online peition or, even better, forward the below letter to this address:

Dear Minister for Environment John Gormley,

We kindly ask for your attention for one or two moments on this important issue.

As you are probably aware, the practice of puppy farming in Ireland has been reported as the worst in Europe, perhaps even the world, due to our lack of sufficient laws on animal cruelty.

As has been reported in the media for at least the past five years and for no longer should it go unnoticed in this country.

It is not only an exceedingly inhumane practice but it is also dangerous to Irish agriculture, encouraging the spread of disease such as canine brucellosis. It also supports unfair and unscrupulous selling of sick, uncommunicative and in some cases – dying animals – who are eventually dumped on our charities to be put down. These animals live a life that all of us, as humans, are lucky never to have to experience. The fact that sick animals are sold to paying customers, also in turn eradicates fair competition with humane dog breeders, which impedes fair and honest trading.  

The below petition is for the passing of the The Control of Dogs (Amendment) Bill 2009 in the autumn to help regulate and eventually eradicate the horrific and cruel practice of puppy farming in Ireland.  Please do not let a profit driven few ruin the lives of so many animals and cause such disruption for dog breeders and owners in Ireland.

Kind regards,

(Name, Address)