Nick Griffin on Question time makes my blood boil!

No doubt there will be hundreds of blogs like this circling the web as we speak. But it definitely needs a venting. I am not even living in the UK anymore, but I lived there for five years, and like everyone else, found myself aghast when I tuned into Question Time tonight on the BBC. The ratings must have been fantastic as, from what I have heard, the build up and publicity over the weeks before it was rather large. As we watched, many people I know in their early 20s like me, twittered and facebooked our disgust as the representative of this poorly disguised version of a neo-nazi party in Britain took to the public airwaves to discuss their ‘policies’ (must be in inverted commas). Now I personally try and see the best in everyone, but it is hard to see it in this man. All I can say is Hitler is alive and well and living in the 21st century!

I can see that perhaps, his convictions, do come from somewhere deep inside, a part which he thinks he is right to think these things. But as a wise man once said, to commit great evil, we must believe it is right to do so. As rapists and murderers rape and murder, many of them do not think what they are doing is bad. If this man comes across as genuine, it is probably because he truly believes what he is saying is right. But we know he is not right. Morally, he cannot be. So lets evaluate what he is saying.

The BNP wish to Stop Immigration. This is impossible. You cannot shut the gate after the horse has bolted. If they want a Russian Soviet curtain; a dictatorship perhaps; another Auzwich, another holocaust – then this is the right way to get one. A huge majority of Britain is made up of immigrants who live and work there. That includes Irish, Polish, Nigerian, Indian, Philipino, Pakistani and many, many more. An even larger, inumerable majority of the 60 million Britons who were born and live in Britain today, are born of Indian or African decent. They don’t look British, but as soon as they open their mouth, and as soon as you talk to them, you will know they were raised in Britain.

I once went on their website and was shocked. I am Irish, with a British mother and an Irish father. Yet I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, thus I have an Irish passport. My grandfather on my dad’s side was thoroughly Republican and wholeheartedly Irish. My grandfather on my mum’s side was wholeheartedly British and fought for Britain in World War II against the Germans. I am catholic. I would not be allowed to join the BNP, yet my grandfather fought for Britain in World War II. This man obsesses how his grandfather was in the RAF and fought for Britain – ‘his country.’ So did mine, my grandfather fought for ‘his country’ too. But his own granddaughter, ie. me, would be the butt of racism by his party for my accent, my religion and the passport I hold. Is this not wrong?  

Of course it is. We all know it is wrong. The best thing we can do is stamp out this type of ignorance by simply rejecting it and pushing it into a corner. Telling them we won’t accept small-mindedness. Unless you are going to say something good Griffin, you said it yourself, say nothing at all. You should take your own advice.

But yet hate breeds hate. The BNP hate the Irish, so I hate them. They hate blacks and Muslims and I have black and Muslim friends, so I hate them. They hate gays and I have gay friends, so surprise surprise, I’m going to have to hate them. He should be ashamed of himself. ‘I regard the BBC as a throughly unpleasant ultra-leftist establishment.’ No they are not. And if they were, it’s opposed to what? Being a nazi racist right-wing bastard?! As one lesbian woman said on the show to him: ‘As you showed revulsion for me, I can assure you the feeling is mutual!’ And I agree.