For most women, shoes are magical and have many meanings. From Cinderella’s slipper to our first pair of heels, they are part of our heart and ‘sole’ for most of our lives!

That’s why Shoeisms, new book by Veronica Canning, is so inspiring.

A make-over for the mind, the Shoeisms encourage women to be powerful, successful, sassy and deadly, like a pair of stiletto heels.

Written by a seasoned businesswoman, wife, mother and friend, Veronica gives us practical advice for the New Year. “I like the idea of business woman being like a stiletto. Really very strong but yet with feminine values,” she explains. Her book works on the way we can bring changes about our life.

With this in mind don your favourite pair of stilettos and sit back to read our favourite thought provokers to give you courage and imagination to move on in 2010.  

1. Change your thoughts  

Your thoughts are the basis of everything. Thought comes first, then action. Every day, we have more than 20,000 thoughts which surface to our consciousness. From these, we can often focus on problems and fears. This keeps us looking at the half empty glass. Change those thoughts. Make more of them positive and make them work to move you forward.

2. Keep an Idea Box  

This one is a fantastic idea for artists, writers, public speakers or people with their own business. Buy some small note cards and use them to capture ideas as they occur to you. Keep the idea box on your desk and keep adding to it the cards with the ideas. Constantly empty your handbag, your briefcase, your pockets and your conference folders. In no time you will have built a fantastic treasure chest of usable ideas. This will be one of the most nourishing things you can do for yourself and your creativity. A small notebook in your purse will do the same job for you. “I have many notebooks in my office and they are a constant source of inspiration to me,” says Veronica. “Sometimes I am amazed at what good ideas I had!” Go on amaze yourself! 

3. Abandon the twin fears  

As we build our careers or our businesses, we feel fear. Some of us are afraid of failure, others of success and of shining too brightly. You will always get those thoughts. From now on, identify them, isolate them, and quarantine them. Leave them there. Stop carrying them around with you.  

4. End each week by making your plan for the following week  

Don’t be afraid of making plans. Once put down on paper they can help free your mind for the weekend. On Friday, set out your principal goals for the following week. That way, you start Monday morning organized. Take an overview of the week and plan your activities for each day so that you reach your goals for the week by Friday.  

5. Until Now  

When you find yourself saying self-defeating things like ‘I am useless at this’ or ‘I can’t do that’, stop and use a wonderfully liberating phrase – ‘until now’. So the thought changes to ‘I can’t do that…until now’. It stops the negative stream of thought. Use it all the time and let it go to work on reducing the unquestioned negativity.

6. Act like a tortoise  

Don’t wait for someone to wave you past. When you are facing a challenge, don’t ask for permission to act. If you know you are correct stick your neck out of your tortoise shell and go for it. You can always ruminate over it all later. Remember success favours the courageous!  

7. Fake it till you make it  

You’ll need buckets of confidence for this tip, but it’s worth it. If you have set yourself a goal to achieve something, then act as if you have already achieved it. Live as if it is yours. If you want to be a successful businessperson then act like one. Speak like one. Dress like one. Fake it until you make it. If you think you will succeed, you will. Soon it will be yours.


8. Always Look Forward  

Forget living for the moment, magic happens when you decide to always look forward. Decide on your Big Audacious Aim (BAA) and plan everything around achieving it. Once you achieve an aim in your mind you can then achieve it in reality.

9. Donate to the favour bank  

Give good karma and you will receive it back. Live a life of donating to others from a sense of abundance. Give of your time and gifts. Donate to the favour bank by doing favours for good people. Other like-minded people are also donating – so, in time, you will be repaid a hundredfold. You just don’t know when and where the repayments will come.  

10. Don’t be a hoarder – Let things go  

Do things fall out on you when you open the closet? Get rid of them. Too many possessions clutter your life. Start decluttering with your wardrobe. You only wear 20% of what you own. Let go of all the things you don’t wear. Do the same with your other possessions. Let things go when they have served their purpose. What can you let go of now?  

Veronica Cannings new book ‘SHOEISMS’- The working woman’s guide to taking control and be the sassy, successful woman you know you can be, is out now. For more information visit or