What’s Your Handbag IQ?

Whether you have a Prada or a Penny’s you are sure to agree that your handbag is an important part of your life. From large ones to small ones – from fancy leather ones to small clutch purses – not only does it define your style, but what is inside it can say a lot more about your personality then you may realise.

Imagine this scenario: you are lost, your car has broken down and you are in the middle of nowhere. Upset and worried you reach for your handbag on the seat beside you and root through it. You have all the tools you need to survive – a phone to call the AA, a book to read while you wait, water to drink, tissues in case of emergencies, an umbrella in case you need to abandon ship and first aid kit in case you get an unexpected a paper cut while you are waiting. Where would you have been without it, you wonder?

But as well as being a great help in a difficult situation, our handbag can also reveal hidden truths about our behaviour and feelings. Put simply, as Carrie from Sex in the City once said: “It’s just a little bag, but we feel naked in public without it.” So what does your handbag say about you?

1. Functional Femme

What’s inside: The functional femme is the most practical of the handbag owners. Always the in control business woman they only keep business-like contents in their bag – items such as keys, purse, phone, painkillers, food, water and pens. Generally all of the items would be of a similar shape and size.

Functional Femme

What it means: This is a professional’s bag. Ambitious and controlled, the carrier will have a clear idea of who they are and the image they are projecting. This person is using their handbag as a way of dividing their lives into compartments. They will often have several other bags, for example for evenings or weekends. Each bag serves its own function for the role that person is playing. Each bag acts like another mask to the particular character the person is acting as that day or under each set of circumstances.

Functional Femme Celebrities: With her hundreds of handbags Sienna Miller compartmentalises her life into the different roles she plays in everyday life.

2. Neat and Necessary

What’s inside: Light and simple – phone, purse, keys and lip balm.

What it means: This person likes to keep it simple. When applied to a younger person this type of handbag denotes someone with no emotional connection to their handbag. They are down-to-earth and accustomed to multitasking. They are often the person with a busy, high profile career. Their profession means their image is already mapped out and therefore they don’t feel the need to weigh down their bag with excessive personal items. This type of handbag owner may place more emphasis on what others think of them rather then the small details of their daily life.

Neat and Necessary

Neat and Necessary Celebs: Keira Knightley is often seen carrying a very small purse. Her high profile profession and laid back attitude means she only needs the bare minimum.

3. Messy Madame

What’s Inside: A virtual mess! All of the necessary items are there along with other unnecessary things such as ticket stubs, old receipt, sweet wrappers, pens that don’t work and other useless items.

Messy Madame

What it means: Though people might think these people are lazy in fact they are just very relaxed! They are comfortable in life, but as the mess reflects, they don’t take enough time out for themselves, instead preferring to rush around. This person should ask themselves. “Am I happy and fulfilled?” once in a while. Being content to be pulled along in the momentum of life can mean neglecting important questions and feelings.

Messy Madame Celebs: Lindsey Lohan’s messy handbag shows her willingness to be pulled along with the rough and tumble of modern life.

4. Little Miss Organised

What’s Inside: This bag is akin to Mary Poppin’s bag full of everything from a full make up kits, spare keys, two phones, organizers and umbrellas to gloves, sunglasses, passport, first aid kit and the kitchen sink.

Little Miss Organised

What it means: If you need to be super organized it often means you have lost touch of the trust in your life. These people feel they must be prepared for all eventualities and fear relinquishing their steel grip on life. As a result they end up carrying too much in their bag. The physical weight of their handbags often mirrors the emotional weight they are carrying around. Eventually this person will become sick of the weight and tired of always being focused and over-prepared which will lead to a craving for freedom.

Little Miss Organised Celebs: Victoria Beckham busy lifestyle means she needs to prepare for every eventuality by carrying large, full handbags.