Good Things Come To Those Who Work


As the old adage says: good things come to those who wait. But people who achieve great things usually have to work hard for years to get to the top. With this in mind we seek the advice of three life coaches who give you tips to success in 2010… 

Life Coach One: Catherine Fitzsimons

Catherine Fitzsimons has extensive training in the counselling and teaching arena. She olds a degree in business management and is also a Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).


1. Don’t be afraid to change direction

Many people put off doing what they want because they think it is too late to just go for it. But Catherine says you don’t have to do this: “It is never too late to change direction it is just a matter of when you decide!” she says. 

“Write down what you want to do. It’s always a good thing to ‘think in ink.’ When you’ve done this then set well formed outcomes i.e. begin with the end in mind. Then ask yourself the following questions: What do I need to do? What part of this is within my control? And is it worth it?”

2. Don’t be afraid of your weakness

Instead of shying away from something you want to do because of your own perceived weakness, instead face your fears head on. “Focus on a weakness you would like to improve,” advises Catherine. “Ask yourself: Is it life changing that you improve this weakness? What would it mean to you to achieve this?  And finally again, is it worth it?”

Catherine Fitzsimons - Life Coach

3. Audit your life with the help of friends
Remember work isn’t everything. If there is a career you would prefer because it would give you more time with friends and family, help yourself decide by doing the following. 

Divide your life into different areas such as social, family, friends, fun (hobbies), work, rest etc…. 

Decide what your current time spend is in each category i.e. 60% of your time is spent in work or with your friends…

Ask yourself if you feel there is any area that you neglect i.e. could you spend more of your time with family and if so how can you achieve this

Write down all the things that would be suddenly become urgent if you had only one year left to live.  The ironic fact is all of us only have the moment we live in to live our best life.

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Life Coach Two: Paul Mullin

Paul Mullin founded and manages Measurability a career advice firm. He has vast experience in HR, Career Coaching, Interview Coaching, CV writing, Recruitment, Psychometric Testing and Outplacement Services in the UK and Ireland.


1. Engage in Real World Networking

You might think you are getting out and about in terms of networking and job hunting but according to Paul Mullin, you could be missing the mark. “At least 50% of job opportunities are not advertised and can only be accessed through proactive job hunting strategies like networking,” says Paul.

“Start engaging with family, friends and ex work colleagues. Attend formal business or industry networking events to grow your network and increase your visibility.”

Paul Mullin - Specialises in career coaching

2. Embrace Social Media Networking  

You might already be a big fan of Facebook but have you tried online networking for the sake of your career? For this there is LinkedIn, a business-oriented social networking site mainly used for professional networking. “LinkedIn is now an essential part of any job hunting toolkit,” says Paul. “If you haven’t joined then do so and if you have already joined ensure that you are active. “Create an impact profile, connect with your existing network and engage with other members. Join relevant LinkedIn Groups and contribute positively.”

3. Start Thinking Personal Brand

You might think of yourself as just one link in a long chain. But Paul advises to start seeing yourself as more individual and market yourself like you would a product.

“The future of your career is about developing a personal brand. Whether you are an employee or self-employed you have start thinking like an entrepreneur or small business. Identify what you are passionate about, what you are good at and start elevating yourself to expert in this area. Your success is about increased activity, creativity and visibility.”

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Life Coach Three: Hadrian Boyle-Fawsitt

Hadrian Boyle-Fawsitt is a Master NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner who is experienced in life and business coaching. For more information go to


1. Take Charge

“If you feel things or life in general is happening to you rather then you are making it happen then it time to take charge,” says Hadrian. “Put yourself if the driving set by asking yourself: What am I doing or not doing that is causing this or that to happen?”

He also advises positive thinking as a method of keeping yourself motivated.

“When you are making goals state them in the positive and as if they have already happened.  Imagine the last step first, the final step that will proves to you that you have got your goal.  “Its 11:45 on the 15 of May I am handing over my boarding pass, I am on my dream holiday!” 

2. Dump Your Worries

A lot of the time we carry around the stuff that is concerning us because we are worried we might forget about. “Get a note book and dump the stuff that is worrying you in it,” advises Hadrian. “If you ever need to find it you will know where to look.  This will help you sleep better too.”

Hadrian - Tips for life

3. Respect Yourself

Want to ruin your chances at success? Lack of self belief can cause you to self destruct. “What is mad is talking to yourself without respect,” says Hadrian. “The next time you curse at yourself or your actions apologise. Have you ever noticed how passionately we self criticise? In future only be passionate about what you do well.  Remember self praise is the only praise that matters.”

Celebs on working hard 

Tom Cruise: “When I work, I work very hard. I look to work with people who have that level of dedication and I depend on that from everyone.”

Rihanna: “Success for me isn’t a destination it’s a journey. It’s all about working harder and getting better and moving up and up.”

Jay-Z: “I’m far from being god but I work god damn hard.”

Seal: “I’ve paid my dues and don’t feel guilty for the perfect lifestyle people see that we have. Both Heidi and I have worked our a**es off to get here, no one gave it to us.”