Does My Face Look Big in This?

Now that summer is on its way, you’ll most likely be turning to treadmills and toning to grace those evening cocktail bars. But even if you lose the pounds, make-up mistakes could mean you could be making yourself look fatter then you really are. Don’t let all that extra work go to waste.  If you have a wide or full face, you can’t change your bone structure, short of plastic surgery. However, here are optical illusions you can employ that can make your face appear slimmer….

Big Eyes

Make your face look slimmer by making your other facial features seem bigger. For huge eyes, you need huge lashes. Be sure to apply at least two coats of mascara (choose two different brands, a lengthening and a thickening brand). Apply the lengthening brand deep into the roots of your eyelashes and stroke upwards.  Then use the thickening mascara but this time just focus on building the mascara into the outer corners of the lashes.
For your eye pencil, choose an eye pencil or eyeliner that is easy to handle and goes smoothly onto the eye area. Lining inside of the eye actually makes their shape stand out more. You can also make your eyes appear bigger by lining the inner lower rim with white pencil. Or for a big night out, splash out on fake eyelashes which when applied right, can make your eyes look huge. 


The fuller your lips are, the slimmer your face will seem. First exfoliate your lips with a warm, wet cloth or use a lip scrub. Cayenne pepper can be used as a lip plumper but be careful it doesn’t dry out your lips. Apply a very small amount of the powder across the lips, and top with your favorite lip gloss. The cayenne will plump and colour the lips by making the blood flow increase (the same action the lip plumpers create), and the gloss will provide shine and moisture. Then line and fill in your lips with a light brown or nude lip liner pencil. Another way to make your lips appear fuller is to use a dark lip liner. Make your mouth into an ‘O’ and apply to the corners of your mouth. Using medicated lip balms, such as Carmex is great for keeping your lips soft too.


Cleanse, tone and moisturize your face before applying makeup. This will promote a smooth finish. Use a long-wear foundation that is suitable for your skin type. As you shadow the cheekbones with makeup, you will find that quality foundation makes a difference in how well the makeup blends and holds. Daytime makeup is generally lighter, so shadowing should be more subtle than for evening wear.

Buy a blush kit with three shades designed for shadowing and highlighting cheekbones, or choose three colors: light, medium and dark in the same hue.

Apply a layer of the darkest shade of makeup underneath the cheekbone from the outer corner of the eye toward the ear. Select the medium blush shade and sweep the color across the cheekbone, allowing it to overlap with the darker shade for a more subtle look. Then apply highlighter to the top of the cheekbone no closer than a two-finger width away from the eyes. When applying, use only one finger’s width of highlighter. Add one more brush stroke of shadow color underneath the cheekbones if needed.


Remember that angles make a wide or round face appear slimmer, so keep this in mind when you are grooming your eyebrows, by emphasizing the arches of your eyebrows. Well defined eyebrows also put attention toward the center of your face, taking it away from the circumference of your face shape.


Just as clothes with horizontal stripes add the delusion of roundness, hairstyles with blunt edges can make your face look much wider than it really is. Avoid styles or cuts that have any type of strong lines. Add vertical lines to your hair through well placed highlights or lowlights. Adding height at the roots automatically minimizes the fullness of any face by adding instant length. Ask your stylist to add layers around your crown area to add height.  If your hair is naturally thin or fine use a great volume enhancing shampoo to add fullness. Add a root lift solution or volumising gel to the roots and use a brush to lift as your blow-dry.  Also updos can add instant height. When you are fixing your updo, pull out a few tendrils on either side of your face to soften your face. And avoid hair that is either too long or too short – the best length for round faces is between the jawline and the shoulders. This length elongates your face and neck creating a much slimmer appearance.


Short stubby fingers? Never fear! Fingernails that extend ¼ of an inch past your fingertips make your fingers look a lot longer, making your hands look slimmer. Avoid the vampish reds and switch to a lighter shade of nail polish.  Bright colors stand out and bring attention to nails.  Pale shade and neutrals blend better with your skin tone, elongating your fingers. If your nails are short, lengthen them by applying nail polish on just the center portion of your nails, leaving a sliver of bare nail on either side. Either that or fake it by adding false nails.


It’s not just your make-up. Your accessories can help you look slimmer too. Long, delicate dangling earrings create a slimming vertical line that gives the illusion of thinness.  Avoid round hoops or round shapes. Choose glasses with thin frames or styles with the thickest part along the top.  Avoid frames that place the heaviest part on the nose or those that fall below the eye socket. Wear scarves tied low round your neck.  High scarves add bulk by accentuating a horizontal line