What’s Your Shoe IQ

Are you a skyscraper heel girl or do you favour the luxury of a comfortable croc? Do high heels make you weak at the knees or do they just hurt your feet? In today’s world there has never been a time where people have had a greater selection of shoe styles to create their unique personality. From shoes that are simply for walking, to shoes that you can only walk from a taxi to a door in, whatever it is you like to wear, your shoe style can reflect your personality. We review some of the shoes that explain your personality.   

1. Athletic shoes and Athletic Designed Shoes
This type of shoe is usually worn by competent girls who like to be on the go. Sporty women wear them but also people who favour comfort over style. These women are not afraid of a challenge and wouldn’t hesitate to help a friend. Direct, honest and down to earth, she will always tell you what she is thinking – but beware you may not like it!

2. Clogs.
People who wear clogs are unique and self-sufficient individuals. Independent to the core, they do not want to be a conventional or just ‘one of the crowd’. They can tend towards tom-boyishness and vastly prefer comfort over fashion. Although they do care about style they wish to be liked because of their quirky personality rather then admired for their appearance.

3. Flats.
While it’s true that flats are usually intended for street wear, they can also be worn for formal events due to their various styles. Girls who wear flats are usually comfort loving and ready for the exciting adventures life throws at them. They are essentially laid back and like to go with the flow. Low maintenance as a rule, they value friendship above everything else. But don’t let their easy going nature fool you – deep down this girl knows what she wants.  

5. Stiletto Heels
The Cindy Lauper song ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun’ could have been written about this type of girl. If it’s attractive and expensive, chances are this girl has it, wants it or is working towards getting it! A diva at heart, this woman likes to be treated like a lady and admired for her looks. She loves dressing up and likes everything girly. But, beware, she also likes to be in control and won’t be told what to do!

6. Sandals
Sandals are the most versatile shoe, so these girls don’t like hassle. They favour comfort over style. A lover of excitement, they like to be able to walk for miles but also look the part. Festivals and hostelling holidays are their style. For their travels they know sandals double as day and nightwear and to this practical gal, nothing makes more sense then that! But watch out these girls like to have their cake and eat it too – if they want something, nothing will stand in their way.

7. Boots.
These shoes are designed and created with one word in mind: protection. This girl may be a bit of a closed book when you first meet her but she is just playing a role. Boots are versatile which shows this girl is more flexible then you realise. In fact she definitely has two sides – the fun side and the practical side. Boots can also double as day and nightwear so just when you have her down as a stick in the mud, she is likely to surprise you with her spontaneous side. This girl likes both the country and the city and she loves to go on holidays and adventures. Deep down her home comforts are dear to her and she is not beyond having a diva moment!

8. Loafers.
These shoes are usually worn in both casual and business environments. The woman who favours the loafer has a level head. She thinks of the future and likes to plan. She is also very down to earth and is a bit of a perfectionist at heart. On the negative side she can tend towards over-organisation, having her more relaxed friends on edge with her careful planning of every detail. On the positive side, she loves her family and would do anything for them. She has a heart of gold.

9. Platform shoes and wedges. 
This girl is a bit of a hippy. She likes the summer but doesn’t find the flatness of the sandal appealing enough. Instead she likes to show off and what better way to do it then in gorgeous wedges. She may be a bit cautious however and worries sometimes about fitting in. She need not worry as everyone likes this type of girl, she just doesn’t realise it yet!

What your shoe colour says about hue…

Yellow: Yellow is the colour of the creative and artistic individual. If your favourite shoes are this colour, you have a cheerful spirit and are inclined to be intellectual, idealistic and imaginative.

Orange: Orange is the colour of heat, fire and the harvest. If orange is your favourite shoe colour, you get along well with others. You tend to be social and hate to be alone.

Green: Green reminds us of security, jealousy and camouflage. It also symbolizes new growth and increases our sense of well-being. If it’s your favourite shoe colour, you are an affectionate, loyal friend who is inclined to be frank and moral. You’re a person whose reputation is very important to you and when you start something, you finish it.
Red: Dynamic red is the colour of love, courage, anger and joy. It demands attention and helps create a cheerful atmosphere. If you prefer a red shoe, you are impulsive, athletic, sexy and given to mood swings. You are determined to experience life to its fullest.

Blue: If blue is your favourite shoe colour, you crave harmony. You are capable, sensitive and make an outstanding friend. You are cautious in your manner of dress and conscientious at whatever you’re working on.

Purple: Purple is the colour of luxury and sensuality helps release creativity. Its lavish nature is seen on religious robes and smelled in expensive perfumes. If this is your favourite shoe colour, you may think your strong, sensitive, observant personality makes you quite unique. Chances are you are artistic and enjoy being creative and glamorous. Although you confide in friends, it’s tough sometimes for them to ‘get’ you. 

Random Shoe Fact

Did you know: The size of a stiletto heel can reveal a woman’s IQ. 58 per cent of women with four or more years of further education favour sensible flatties over the kind of heels that bore holes in wooden floorboards.