Celebrity Cougars

They’re over 35, they’re hot and they’re on the prowl – we look at the celebrity cougars that aren’t afraid to get their claws into younger men…

Demi Moore

Demi was the original cougar when she started dating Ashton Kutcher a man 16 years her junior in 2003. Demi and Ashton began their May – December romance after the pair met at a casual dinner in New York City. They married in 2005. Demi has said that they talked all night long after they met – and they proved disbelievers wrong with their enduring relationship.
Loved up Ashton said of his marriage to Demi: “We deal with issues before they become arguments. I’ve never tried to change my wife, and she has never tried to change me. Demi told me once, ‘When you’re right, that’s all you get to be.’ And, for some reason, that made sense to me.”


Theirs was a romance that brought a smirk to many a face when they began dating shortly after her divorce from director Guy Ritchie was finalised. Madonna may live to shock, but she couldn’t have shocked the world more when she emerged with Jesus Luz. The model, 28 years her junior met Madonna on a photo shoot. It was also said his mother, 14 years younger than the Material Girl singer, did not approve of the relationship. Eventually the pair split after a year, Madonna claiming: “It’s really pushing it for us to have common ground these days. We have Kabbalah, that’s about it.” The busy work schedules of 51 year old Madonna and Jesus, 23, were also rumoured to be a factor.

Elle McPherson

The stunning supermodel may be over 40 but she shows the world she isn’t over the hill. At 44, The Body was last year reported to be dating at 21 year old named Vito Schnabel. Her beau was son of famed artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel.  His father appeared to approve of his son’s choice in women stating: “She’s a very nice woman . . . And I think he’s a healthy young man with good impulses.”

Cameron Diaz  

Actress Cameron Diaz began dating singer Justin Timberlake soon after they met at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards in April 2003. With nine years between them regular rumours of break-ups reported in the tabloid press were either ignored or occasionally denied.

“It’s not like this is the first time in the history of human relationships that people were drawn to one another because of who they are, not what age they are,” Diaz said in 2004. After nearly four years together they eventually had an amicable split.

Kim Cattrall

Kim Cattrall may have played man-hunting vixen Samantha in Sex in the City, but in real life the 54 year old is not too different from her onscreen character. Canadian chef, Alan Wyse, 20 years her junior dated the actress for five years. They decided to go their separate ways in July 2009. Kim blamed her busy work schedule for the breakdown of her relationship but is now is now single and looking for love. Watch out boys!

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox may star in new hit series, Cougartown but in real life she has made cougaring an art form. The Friends star married actor David Arquette seven years her junior in 1999. In 2004, she gave birth to their first child, daughter Coco Cox Arquette. As for what makes his 9-year marriage to Cox so successful, Arquette credits hard work and commitment. “There’s a lot to relationships in general. You just have to really work at them. They’re not easy, and you have to be kind to each other and figure out what each other’s buttons are and figure out how not to push them,” he said. “You can’t leave your heart open. You have to be committed.”