Creation – Film Review

THE STARS: Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Northam

THE STORY: The true life struggle of Charles Darwin as he battles between religion and logic, to write his master work ‘On the Origin of Species’.

It would be a pity if anyone stayed away from this film because of its subject matter. ‘Controversy’ is the first word that comes to mind when you mention a film that questions blind faith and religion. But the struggle of this intelligent and emotional man as he comes to terms with his theory of evolution is probably the best portrayed in a film in years, while the topic of religion is dealt with sensitively and fairly.  

Charles Darwin (Paul Bettany) is a thinker. Set in the 1850s he has lost a child, Annie, for which he blames himself. While being rallied on by fellow scientists to write his 1859 work ‘On the Origin of Species’ he struggles with his conscience to defy all he has ever known – family and religion.

His wife Emma (Jennifer Connelly), his children and his health all suffer as he embarks on a mental struggle to put pen to paper. With plot twists that will leave you on the end of your seat – and scenes that will have you in tears, this film is one hell of an emotional journey.

Director, Jon Amiel, has left not much room for improvement – the film is realistic and the cinematography is brilliant. The only vice is that sometimes it feels like the film is trying too hard to remain impartial to either religion or evolution, and for that the plot may have suffered slightly.

THE VERDICT: The acting is fantastic and the subject matter is fascinating. Very emotional but, overall, an enjoyable and thought provoking film.