Laser Hair Removal


Hair removal creams that smell like roses, shaving and heavy duty hot wax poured over places hot wax should never go. If you are a woman, chances are against your better judgment you’ve tried most of the things on the above list.

Laser Hair Removal is a new treatment which unlike waxing, shaving and the rest – sees your hair disappearing for good.

I arrive at the clinic to meet Suzie Donohue at Therapie Wicklow Street, Dublin 2 for my consultation. I climb the stairs to one of their Laser Hair Removal rooms. Suzie sits me down and goes through the basics of Laser Hair Removal.

She explains how the laser picks out the pigments in my skin and targets the darker bits. For this reason as my leg hair is blonde, I will not be able to use this region. The removal is most successful on people with dark hair and light skin. On her advice, I decide to go for the armpits as the hair here is darker.

She warns me that I must shave under my arms on the day of the laser hair removal as the hair needs to be short. “The laser gets to the root and hits the hair follicle – the contact results in the hair follicle being destroyed. The shorter the hair the easier this is,” she explains.

Next they need to do a patch test. She gets me to lie on the bed and put on the goggles and then she applies gel which acts as a conductor. She then approaches me with the hand held machine. It doesn’t look in any way scary, but I feel a bit apprehensive.

As she warms up the laser I hear myself saying in my unprepared state “Will this hurt?”

I’m sure there are children who would be braver then me.   

Although it stings a little it is over very quickly, just six blasts of the laser and I’m done.

I am told not to use any deodorants or soaps under my arms for 48 hours and to avoid direct sunlight on the area. No worry of any sunlight getting my armpits in Ireland this time of year, I think. Even if I happened to witness the rare occurrence of sunshine and even more absurdly, happen to be out in it scantily clad, my armpits have a convenient sun umbrella in my shoulders.

Therapie in Dublin

I come back the next week, ready for the treatment. Suzy again gets me to lie on the bed. She rubs gel over the area and then I don my groovy purple sunglasses that will protect me from the possible blindness.

Lying on the bed in the room in Therapie with Suzie coming towards me with the laser machine, I have a flashback of my first waxing experience a mere two years ago. The ‘procedure’ was performed using hot wax, and involved a good deal of pain – and a lot of walking like John Wayne afterwards. I decided I would never get it again. I hoped this experience will be better as Suzie smiles encouragingly. The macho arms out walk isn’t an attractive look for a woman.

This treatment is a lot worse then the patch test. As the area is much larger there are a few moments where the pain gets a little bit strong. It’s about as sore as waxing just a lot quicker. There is also a distinct smell of burning hair.

Afterwards, Aloe Vera is rubbed over the area and then you are free to go.

Laser Hair Removal claims to reduce hair from 20 to 90 percent but results can drastically vary depending on the person being treated.

Usually this process takes anywhere from six to eight weeks to achieve the desired effects – but even one session can see a noticeable difference.

Several sessions are recommended to ensure the hair never comes back but Suzie tells me that my underarm hair will be considerably thinned as a result of this one session. And indeed she is right – a week later, and still my underarm hair has not grown back at all.  
But be warned, if you have tanned skin or have been exposed to a lot of sunlight, you will have to wait until the tan is completely gone. Also, three weeks prior to treatment, you are told not to use hair treatment products such as gels and waxes.

I would definitely recommend the treatment for someone who had hair they found to be interfering with their every day life. Or even girls who have a lot of body hair and are sick of religious waxing sessions every single month. This treatment, in the long run can save you money, time and effort. For those like me, who don’t really bother with body hair – to avoid the cost, effort and pain, I’d stick to the shaving!