Seven Men to Avoid Dating

Mr Right isn’t always easy to find. Some people meet theirs without any effort at all and others have to spend years kissing frogs. From the serial monogamist to the player and all the ones in between, it’s sometimes difficult to see a light at the end of the (dating) tunnel. We look at the seven men, or frogs, that you’re better off throwing back in the pond…


Mr Player

Elin Woods is learning what it feels like to have been burned by Mr Player, aka Tiger Woods. And it’s surprising how many girls fall foul of this type of man’s charms. But while he might have all the right moves, Mr Player isn’t making any real emotional connection. He’ll make you feel really good for a short amount of time. What with sweet nothings, grand gestures and nights of passion – it will feel like a whirlwind holiday romance. But while you’re browsing through wedding magazines picking out tiaras, keep an eye out for the tell-tale signs that you’re not the only woman he’s seducing.

Mr Sponger

“Any spare change love?” Hardly the words you want to hear from the future father of your children – and yet many of us are happy to date spongers. He may claim to be a struggling artist and that his band is his life but that doesn’t mean you should be paying his bills. Do you really want to be handing over beer money ten years down the line when you’ve got a mortgage, childcare and bills to pay? Money can’t buy you love. But there’s a big difference between gold digging and expecting your partner to pull his financial weight.

Mr Mammy’s Boy

It’s great when a guy gets on well with his mother, it shows he’s sensitive, he likes women and he cares about his family. But with Mr Mammy’s boy its different – this isn’t mother love, it’s smother love and she’ll want to be involved in every aspect of his life whether you like it or not. If he attempts to break free she’ll use her best weapon – guilt. He’ll be forced to take sides and it won’t be yours. You’ll always be the other woman in Mr Mammy’s Boy’s life.

Mr Controlling

Everyone likes a man to take charge occasionally, but not all of the time. At the early stages of a relationship, Mr Controlling often starts out picking up the bill, whisking you away on romantic holidays or surprising you with clothes and jewellery. There’s no decision-making to be done because he’s thought of everything. But be careful, this often leads to doing the thinking for both of you. If he’s already checking up on what you’re doing or who you’re with, constantly criticising or even isolating you from family and friends, you could be on the path to ruin.

Mr Child Hater

Kids can be a nightmare sometimes, but they’re still just kids. And as you go through life, they are difficult to avoid. Ask yourself what he is going to do when nieces, nephews or friends’ children come round to visit. And what if you do end up actually having children together? He might not put in the investment your children will demand, leaving everyone in the family feeling short-changed. At worst, he might even be hostile or violent – an unforgivable environment in which to raise kids.

Mr Addict

Not all addicts end up in the gutter – many hold down high-powered jobs – from bus drivers and builders to lawyers and doctors. When you first meet him, Mr Addict might seem like the life and soul of the party. Sooner or later, however, the non-stop party turns into non-stop hell. Whether its drugs or drink or even gambling, the addict needs to deceive you to get his fix. The clues might be physical depending on the addiction. But they can be psychological too, for example, becoming irritable, secretive or detached. Date an addict and you’ll always be at the mercy of their rollercoaster existence – so ditch Mr Addict before your own life suffers.

Mr Never Been Single

Mr Never Been Single may have never been unfaithful but he’s always been in a couple. So is he really interested in any meaningful long-term commitment with you? For him, the best bit about a relationship is the first flush of romance. Nothing beats that thrill. But what happens when the honeymoon period wears off? How can the reality of long-term commitment ever compete with the novelty of a new fling? Mr Never Been Single will love you one minute and leave you the next. He is using serial monogamy as a way of getting regular, hassle-free sex without any of the inconveniences of long-term commitment. How romantic.