Dress To Suit Your Shape

While we all might want to be a size ten with Angelina’s lips and Shakira’s hips – life means we come in all shapes and sizes. You might not be the ideal type in your own mind but help is always at hand to help you make the most of your body – by diet, exercise and even how you dress. So whether you are an Apple a Pear or even a Celery pay attention to the following tips and embrace your differences.


Definition: Pint sized and smaller in height. 

Diet and Exercise: Extra weight can be more obvious on smaller frames and it is also harder for you to lose weight then for your taller mates. The sad fact is that the smaller you are in height the lesser calories you require to keep you going. But that doesn’t mean you should deny yourself. The key is long term change in your lifestyle. Sticking to a regular exercise routine means you can consume more calories. Also try having smaller portions of your favourite food when you have cravings, and when you are snacking stick to nuts, fruit and low fat yogurts if you can. 

Fashion Tip: Horizontal sailor stripes make you look shorter and wider. Opt for vertical stripes on the top or the bottom (just not at the same time!). Vertical lines elongate and slim the body, this effect can also be achieved with vertical seams and zip-front styles.

Beauty: Make your petite frame stand out with a shimmer of body lotion and some sparkling jewellery.

Celeb Twin: Eva Longoria Parker, Reece Witherspoon and Jessica Parker.

Pear- Shaped 

Definition: Weight stored on hips, bottom and thighs – often with a slim waist and flat stomach

Diet and Exercise: You’ve got toned arms and a flat tummy so lucky you! Your best feature is your nicely defined back and slim arms. But if you still worry about your lower half then a good way to keep in shape is not skip meals. By doing this the weight will merely come off the places you don’t need to lose it. For maximum calorie blasting try work outs such as rowing or cross-training – and keep eating, but cut down on the calories in each meal by choosing lower fat options and smaller portion sizes.

Fashion Tip: Choose A-line dresses or babydoll dresses which will skim over any trouble areas and de-emphasise your lower half.

Beauty: Body brushing can help rev up the circulation on the bum and thigh areas and improve your skins texture.

Celeb Twin: Hayden Panettiere and Kate Winslet


 Definition: Shoulders and hips are similar width – waist pinches in, curvy figure with full chest but in proportion.

Diet and Exercise: Your best feature is your shapely waist. Men adore 50s siren hourglass figures. You tend to be reasonably well balanced and can adapt to most types of training. Cross training, cycling, running and rowing are all great forms of cardiovascular or aerobic exercise for the hourglass. In order to maintain that great shape a balanced diet is also key. Try tweaking your meals by chopping a banana into your cereal to help you get your five a day, or try fruit as a snack instead of that chocolate bar. 

Fashion Tip: Cinch in your great curves with a statement belt and don’t be afraid to flaunt your assets!

Beauty: A subtle sheen can make limbs seems slimmer so slather on silky body oil which will keep skin soft too.

Celeb Twin: Eva Mendes and Marilyn Monroe


Definition: Shoulders, waist and hips are similar width. Athletic, thin and boyish figure.

Diet and Exercise: Lucky for you eating habits are rarely a problem and chances are you can eat mostly what you want without having to watch your weight. With the body of a model, you might be the envy of all your mates, but secretly sometimes you envy their curves. Try and incorporate 30 minutes of exercise into your daily routine to keep your athletic figure tight and toned. Make sure you don’t skip on meals. 

Fashion Tip: Choose horizontal stripes to give up-and-down figures more curves.

Beauty: Try some bronzer or fake tan to give your leans limbs an extra healthy glow.

Celeb Twin: Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow

Apple Shape

Definition: Tend to hold weight around abdomen – bottom small and flat. Generous waist, thin legs and narrow hips.

Diet and Exercise: Cardiovascular training work is crucial for apples’ heart health, and in order to reduce fat around the internal organs. The apples amongst us need to take care to protect their (often delicate) ankles and knees, particularly if very overweight. For those heavier apples, rowing and cycling are a great place to begin cardiovascular training, as bodyweight is supported reducing impact. Apples need to maximise their calorie burning potential and build lean muscle tissue to help fire up their metabolism, so exercises that move more than one joint at a time are a must.

Fashion Tip: Tops can be low cut, and should go in under the bust, then flare out over the stomach – this is the most flattering shape for the apple. Add dainty wedge shaped shoes with dresses to show off slender lower legs.

Beauty: As an apple shaped woman, you want to select jewelry that highlights your face or thinner limbs. Steer clear of long necklaces that end below the bust as these will draw the focus to your stomach.

Celeb Twin: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Liz Hurley and Drew Barrymore