Get Ahead in the Dating Game

Their eyes lock across a crowded room, their heartbeats race and everyone else just disappears. Falling in love can be a unique experience. The product of millions of years of evolution; humans’ have found many ways to advertise their reproductive value.
In biological terms, men are looking for reproductively fit women to produce healthy children carrying their genes. And women want men with good genes and a caring mate who will protect and feed the family. Here’s some of the science behind the mating game that can help you get ahead…

1) Its how you smell…
You might lash on the perfume shamelessly but hold back a little on the Eau de Excess if you want to meet your most irresistible match. That’s because we can learn about a potential partner’s immune system from their natural smell. Studies show people prefer the smell of a potential mate whose immune system is different from their own. This makes good evolutionary sense because children born to couples who have dissimilar immune systems are more resistant to a greater number of diseases. This also means that there is no specific ‘irresistible’ male scent to females because it depends on what genes you have yourself. All the same, don’t throw out the deodorant. 

2) Get in shape
Looks are an instant and accurate method of assessing a potential partner’s genes, health and reproductive status. Women generally prefer men with broad shoulders tapering down to slim hips – a strong indicator of strength and athleticism which indicates ability to care for and protect a family. For the ladies, the appearance of youthful and a clear complexion are good indicators of fertility and so are healthy curves. A modest waist-to-hip ratio – a waist of about 70 per cent the width of a woman’s hips specifically – is a predictor of youth and good health. So if you’ve got the goods, flaunt them, and if you don’t, work on disguising your flaws.

3) Lighten up…
So now we know why Russell Brand gets all the ladies! Research shows, cracking a good joke is a great way to show off your intelligence and social skills. Both sexes are attracted to humour in potential partners, but in opposite ways. Women tend to appreciate men with a sense of humour, while men are more concerned with finding a partner who laughs at their jokes. One theory is that humour hints at the number of genetic mutations a person is carrying. If you make the wrong choice you could wake up with a terrible bore at best or a psychopath at worst. So don’t be afraid to roll with the banter!

4) Talk with your body
It’s no secret that most of what we say is through our body. Whether it’s the unconscious body language while chatting or from across the room without even talking to a person. For instance status, wealth and power can be conveyed in this way. Similarly women look for traits in men that indicate that they can provide well for them or are dominant. Physical presence is significant to this. Dominant men tend to take up more space than others. If you are male, to communicate status, try putting your feet up on a chair, stretching out your arms, or conferring with your mates to give you a bit of room. Be open and welcoming. Closed body positions, such as crossing your arms or legs, are an indicator of low social status or that you are not open to conversation.

5) Get glammed up
It might seem obvious, but it’s effective. Looking presentable can radically alter how people respond to you, especially if you’re female. Research on the effects of cosmetics use on women found, unsurprisingly enough, that we look better when wearing make-up than without. Eye make-up and foundation seem to be the most effective in improving attractiveness ratings. This is most likely to be because they allow women to even out skin tone and cover up blemishes. And dressing in your shortest skirt is fine but just remember men are also attracted to women as long-term partners if they appear chaste. Nun habits all round then.