Irish Food Blogs

In the past, when an Irish food enthusiast decided they wanted to take the frying pan into their own hands, so to speak, they had to leaf through the floury pages of an old cookbook relic, passed down through the family. There, between the sugar stuck pages, the recipe was sought out with strict instructions on how to prepare – leaving nothing for the beginner to work with apart from a musty smell of cooking passed.

Since the age of Irish food bloggers that has emerged all this has changed, of course.

The word of mouth style blogs that have emerged contain everything from recipes to handy, honest tips and have become the everyday cooking guide. With a domain of answers to a gamut of questions – the food enthusiast can discover a world of answers.

When it comes to improving your health and mood all while eating delicious food – Donal Skehan has the answer. Donal lives in Dublin and he believes variety is the spice of life. His website features recipes such as Meatballs in Spicy Sauce, Scrambled Eggs with Chilli Jam, Chanterelles with Garlic Toast, Cucumber, Fennel and Lentil Salad and other mouth-watering and easy mood-boosting recipes. Winner of Best Irish Food Blog at the Irish Blog Award’s 2010, this budding chef is building a respectable name for himself on Irish turf. The young Jamie Oliver (easy on the eye and prowess in the kitchen) also has his own recipe book out – Good Mood Food: Simple Healthy Home Cooking, which is available to buy on Amazon.

Cheap Eats motto is ‘tough times, great food’ which is fairly apt in today’s economy. Among the mandatory recipes such as Tandoori Chicken Kebabs and Homemade Fish and Chips, they post up daily advice such as product reviews, money saving tips, price comparisons and where to get the best bargains on food and drink in specific Irish supermarkets. Their recipes are cheap and delicious and they boast restaurant and take away reviews, food events, competitions and more. All in all, is a frank and straightforward yet fun blog for the food conscious and thifty among us! is exactly what you get when you put together a passion for food with an ordinary mother’s access to the internet. Having moved to the West of Ireland in 2006 from England, this 40-year-old mother of two decided to start her own food blog. Full of dry wit and entertaining (to the point that you’ll waste an awful lot of time on there when you should be doing other things) – the blog features her own tried and tested recipes such as Chicken and Ham Pie, Paprika Chicken and Strawberry Pavalova. She even features her own little competitions! A must for all mothers, from Ireland and further afield.

Unusual recipes such as gooseberry curd and hot whiskey sauce sets this blog apart from the rest. But The Daily Spud is Irish through and through. Winner of Best Food and Drink Blog in 2009, they claim to deliver ‘a bellyful of daily delight and foodie satisfaction.’ When you log on you can access recipes for pasta dishes, curries, preserves, dips, gratins, salads, cheeses, cocktails and many more. The Daily Spud is a conglomerate of down to earth explanations twinned with both the exotic and delicious and the pure and simple. aggregates all the tastiest content from around the Irish blogosphere. From recipes to restaurant reviews, news, tid bits and more, they also feature original content written by some of Ireland’s top food bloggers such as recipes and information from and It is also updated several times a day so you can be sure of lots and lots of new information right at your fingertips, all day, every day.


Lar, the writer of travelled extensively around Italy, France, Australia and New Zealand which he says gave him a perspective on the places, the people and the stories behind what goes into every glass. In 2007, with an interest in wine he started, for an Irish perspective on the world of wine. He recommends “wines I like and which I think are genuinely good value.” It features an Irish Wine Map, wine book guide, an A-Z of grapes – news, tid-bits and videos, and of course, the all important wine reviews.