Interview with JLS

From Left to Right: JB, Aston, Oritse and Marvin

I wasn’t even a fan of JLS before I went to interview them, but I am definitely a fan now so I thought I would write up about the most fun interview I have ever done! I will probably put the real feature up in a week or two after its been in the magazine but this is just a blog style thing for me and my blog followers!
The day didn’t start good. I have a Tom Tom which is usually great but it doesn’t know where I wanna be today so I look the Sony place on Google maps. Google maps, can I just say here, is the bain of my life. This is the third or fourth time they’ve sent me to completely the wrong place. One time I knocked on the door of a house which it said was a clinic. It was just someones house, like. Anyway so I put the name of the road into the Tom Tom and off I go. So it tells me I’m at my location with a big black and white flag, like I’ve won a race. Only, I haven’t won a race. Because I’m not there Mr well meaning tom tom – you were lead astray by that renegade Google maps again. Anyway park my car grab some change and run over to the parking meter. Realise I only have 20 mins to find the place and I can’t see it yet so the stage I’m at now is mild concern mixed with optimistic time-keeping (read: chronic lateness),which I was born with and has followed me everywhere ever since. Go up and down this massive long road and can’t see it. Mild concern has turned to mild panic. Ring Sony. Receptionist doesn’t have a clue where I am so puts me onto some guy who does panic all the while rising. Tells me I’m on the wrong street and tries to explain where it is but its no use if I start trying to move my car and find it and find another parking spot I’ll never get there. Hail a taxi who stops suddenly nearly causing an accident. Open the door and ask him to wait for me to run get money from the AIB across the road. Run over, get money out and run back to taxi who fair play to him is causing terrible ructions and hold up from several drivers. He refuses to move though cos he’s a taxi driver in a recession which is like being one of those lady’s of the night in the time when Jack the Ripper roamed the streets. Basically they’d probably try and jump a gorge in the car if you were paying the full fare. They might even stop if you hailed them outside a bank wearing a balaclava.
Hop in the front. My taxi driver is laid back as he wonders where this Embassy House place is. I try to avoid sufricating falling feeling as I tell him to take me to the Herbert Park hotel which is beside it. “Now I’d know a lil
soy-id entrance to that place down a lil’ soy-id streee?” – “If you could take me to the front entrance that would be good,” I reply realising I am interviewing JLS in ten minutes. I am usually very nice to taxi drivers but can’t, really can’t muster the laid back banter I usually have with them and feel awful for this but so stressed as was told to be there early by newspaper to be on the safe side. Turns out my taxi driver is a bit of a legend. His side street trick gets me right to the door of Embassy House ninja style. Thank him and run in. Get in lift and realise its the same building as the Irish Daily Mail. Get to the top. Receptionist lets me in and thankfully a photographer I have been on a good few jobs with before is already there setting up his camera. Google maps had done the same thing to him so he had just arrived. Luckily they are running late as ever. PR guy tells me they were running TWO HOURS late. But he cancelled 4 people already and then tells me he might have to split the boys into two groups of two for the interview as they have to catch a flight! I don’t mind this as I actually feel less scared of the idea of having  to interview two rather then four of JLS… but my relief is short lived. PR guy comes back and tells me the other girl hasn’t arrived yet and I can have the four! Walk down this corridor down to a door which is open with a guy standing there holding it. Can hear PR guy ahead of me telling them they are about to meet Sinead. Heart starts to beat a million miles and hour, walk in and they’re all like ‘Hi Sinead’ and they all stand up and give me kisses on both cheeks. They are all talking to me at once and its completely overwhelming. JB (the one most older fans think is the hottest most probs) is asking me what perfume I’m wearing while the others are trying to introduce themselves. I am trying to tell him its Yves Sans Lauren without being rude to the other guys. The photographer needs to get the pic of us first before he leaves so next thing I’m being shoved in between the four of them for the photo. Marvin is to my left (the 25 year old one who is going out with Rochelle from the Saturdays) and he asks me am I grabbing his arse. I am actually not, its just my shorthand notebook and all the paraphanalia that I am holding and then cos my right arm is in such an awkward position I try and move it and then end up grabbing the arse on my right (cant remember who it belonged to) then they start making me laugh and I reckon the shots get a bit spazzy and then my photographer is gone. “Where shall I sit?”  I say looking hopefully for a chair opposite where I can sit across from them but JB is like – “Sit right here!” and sits down on the couch. Oooh I am so not prepared for this! So I am sitting on a couch beside JB and Marvin. Aston is sitting on a chair to my right and Oritse is sitting on the chair on the other side. It is a low comfy couch but I suddenly feel not so aloof and professional more like I am just hanging out. They keep making me laugh but eventually am like ‘I have to roll these questions off now’ (thats how I roll) Anyway, get into my stride then and its great. They give me some great answers. Next thing two of them (Oritse and Aston) get dragged off to do the other interview. I am left with just Marvin and JB, and Marvin moves over to the other chair and JB moves towards me a bit more so we are in a cosy circle now (the sound on my dictaphone is much better from this point as well which is a major plus) Its easier to interview them now because JB and Marvin are good talkers and engage better now we are more focused. JB spoke about their new release song ‘Love You More’ which is out in November.
“We thought it would be good to come up with a concept of love as a general topic. Whether its with a girlfriend or someone you really like or a family member or your mum or something – someone you really care about. It’s about loving them more and more every day. Its something I feel most people can identify with and relate to – its saying, I love you more today then yesterday – that sentiment.”
I ask them who was the sexiest celebrity they had ever met was.
JB: Eva Longoria – she is special! Her smell is… (both JB and Marvin sigh at the same time and then start laughing)
Marvin: What happened was, it was weird, we were in LA and we bumped into Simon Cowell out there and we were leaving the restaurant and we see this tiny little thing and then she turned around and it was like slow motion and all four of our hearts came out of our chests and went in the air all around her, it was so weird. She did turn around and say that she thought we were all good looking and gave us a kiss and a hug. And then I said that will never, ever, ever happen again where this superstar turns around and it was her.
JB: And the next time we went to America I said I bet you we see her and we went to our agency and we share the same agency as she does and that same day we had a meeting and came back downstairs and she was crossing paths with us and we were like oh god! 
Anyway, I’ve saving all the rest of the better material for the actual feature as I can’t give away the good answers here!
I finished the interview pretty quick even though I got loads of answers and have lots of info from the press release and on them in general. I sort of believe in the natural progression of an interview. Sometimes people talk way too much and its so hard to sift through to get the good quotes or even choose between so many quotes (Muse’s Matthew Bellamy is so smart but he talks a million miles an hour about so many different concepts it took me like 3 hours to transcribe their interview) – other times (like an interview I did yesterday for a true life feature) the interview is exactly perfect. And other times (like last week in London) all your material is really over all the place, but none of it is really quality and you don’t know exactly how you are going to write it. And other times you don’t know at all – but you sense you have lots of good quotes mixed with alot of good info and tons of interesting little comments. I feel like this one was the latter. While it wasn’t the longest interview in the world (15 mins) I got all the answers to the questions I wanted the answer to. And if I didn’t it was because a good answer to that question didn’t exist… Maybe I am a bad journalist but I don’t like pushing people. The thing is, and this is my belief only so I might be totally wrong on this one, but I believe that some journalists push and they get the best answers and that others don’t push but they still get the best answers. In this case I didn’t push a question about one of their relationships. This might be good and it might be bad. If you push people they sometimes reveal but they often clam up and you still get nothing but you also alienate them from the conversation and none of the rest of their answers are much good. Sometimes, if I sense they don’t want to talk about it and don’t push it then it works out better later on. If you’ve gained someones trust, they open up more. Also it means you’re not being a tool to someone who is just another human being. Basically I think to be a journalist you have to have good social skills. People portray journalists as being pushy and rude – but as I learned last year, no good journalist is like this cos you need to actually be good with people if you want them to talk to you! Maybe I just tell myself this cos I don’t like being nosy or rude and I just can’t bring myself to pry into anyones life if they don’t want it…. I know Kristen Stewart likened paparrazzi to rape and this was over the top, but she had a point. Who has the right to invade someone elses privacy? Okay this JLS fun topic has gone waaay off now so I am going to leave it at that. Come back in two or three weeks to read the proper feature with the rest of the better quotes and it all tied up like a happy little feature parcel. Outty!

Love You More released 15th November 2010: 

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