Lara Video

I had no idea how to make videos or slideshows or anything like that because I am a total technophobe! But its really not that hard when you download Windows Movie Maker… Had a few hitches with trying to get the music onto it, and then it kept freezing and shutting down meaning I would lose photos etc… (I kept thinking of something a review said about it: A child could use this video maker… yeah a incredibly patient child, with film maker parents!) It took me about 5 or 6 hours altogether to make it but it was worth it in the end! 
Basically I decided I wanted to make something about my friend Lara who passed away five years ago and who I miss. Annoyingly, I have limited photos of her because we never used to take many back then and it wasn’t digital cameras it was old school disposibles so the photos needed to be scanned. 

But considering how crap I am with this sort of thing, I can’t believe I got it up on YouTube at all! But it makes me smile every time because of the nice memories! Its not public, but anyone who wants to see it, can access it via this link 🙂