Top Ten Holiday Essentials

We’re all familiar with the “oh, if only I’d brought” feeling when you arrive at your holiday destination (like when you arrive in Spain to realise you brought the hairdryer but no travel adapter).
Being holiday efficient can make for a smoother and more enjoyable trip to the sun.

So don’t get caught out this year. Make sure you have on board some of the following items… 


If you’re not a fan of hauling a gansy load of books on your holiers, why not invest in downloading audio book and upload it to your MP3 player. Voila, you have ready made entertainment for the plane or beach. Just shut your eyes and feel the stress slipping away to the tales of Harry defeating Voldemort once again. 


You might think the torch belongs in a Famous Five novel, but don’t underestimate it in unfamiliar territory. There’s nothing less romantic then stumbling across the beach hand in hand with your beloved only to fall head first into that three foot hole that some kid spent all day digging.


Remember, pharmacy staff in other countries are not puppeteers. If you don’t fancy playing charades (one word, two syllables, sounds like comet) then it might be an idea to bring your own mini-medicine bag.

Be sure to include the basics such as plasters, bite cream and tablets for the multitude of stomach ailments that can occur. Anti-mosquito spray is essential if you’re travelling to tropical climes unless you have ambitions for becoming the next walking mosquito restaurant.


Worried about weight gain on holiday? Worry no more. While you might be eating more, you may also be getting more exercise. Weaving through a Spanish market looking for the perfect pair of espadrilles is no mean feat – not to mention the kilometers you can rack up sightseeing old castles. So why not bring a pedometer (or download a pedometer app for your phone) to measure how far you’ve walked. Then you can tuck in guilt-free to that leaning tower of ice-cream later on…

Hot oil for hair

This probably won’t be news to beauty savvy ladies, but the sun is not the hair’s friend. While you may look after your skin by slathering it in factor 30, don’t forget about your luscious locks so you can look glam when you hit the restaurants and bars at night.
Moisturising hair treatments are easy to put together (for example by mixing coconut oil and natural honey) and very beneficial for hair health. Similarly, you can take the easy option and purchase one of the many over the counter treatments.

Pedicure kit

Sight-seeing in sandals can take its toll on your tootsies as they might not be used to the change in climate, shoes and walking habits. Prevent blisters by investing in something by Scholl, the Party Feet experts. They supply a range of toe cushions, blister plasters and toe Post Cushions (for the rubbing in between toes of flip-flops). Alternatively, invest in a comfortable pair of well-ventilated walking shoes if you plan on viewing your chosen destination sans the pain. 

Tea bags

Don’t forget your Barry’s tea! Not for a cup of tea in your hotel (hopefully it will be far too warm for this) but for your eyes after a long day in the sun. 

The caffeine concentration works to effectively sooth and reduce the puffiness of the eyes. Just boil some water as usual, gently squeeze out the brewed teabag after about five to eight minutes for best results, and allow it to cool. Apply over the eyes and relax with the bags in place over the most attention needing zone.

Deck of cards

Who needs DVD players when you can keep the simplest and lightest form of entertainment in your handbag? A deck of cards can keep your travelling buddies, or children, occupied on those long waits in the airport. You can also enjoy getting competitive by the pool with those old card games from your childhood.  

Water proof pouches

Sand, water and sun lotion don’t agree with electronic devices, and that goes for your phone too. Clear pouches that allow you to use your phone while it’s protected are available in most phone accessory shops or you can buy online at 

Phrase book

While most of the places in the world speak English, it can be rewarding to communicate a little in the language of the country you are visiting. Besides, learning how to say “Una mesa para quatro personas” can be an enjoyable pre-lude to your holiday. Its also good way to impress and surprise the people you are travelling with!