The Comedy Corner

Do you love comedy? Do you love Dublin?  Are you sick of Dublin but can’t afford a ticket out of here? If any of the above apply to you need to tune into the Comedy Corner on Dublin City FM every Thursday at 3pm.
You can expect to hear interviews with up and coming Irish comedians, Irish comedians who are hella famous and me Sinead Nolan – someone who just likes the sound of her own voice, for chat, stand up clips, sketches, laughs and to find out all of the gig listings coming up in Dublin!
This Thursday July 7th I talk to trinity college comedy troupe No Pants Thursday who will be playing at this years Edinburgh Fringe 2011. They will be performing a sketch live in the studio and chatting all about what makes them tick. We also plan to have the likes of Robbie Bonham and Tom ‘the bear’ O’ Mahony coming up too over the next few weeks. Listen online at or turn your dial to 103.2.

The first recording of the show with No Pants Thursday (aired July 7th 2011) can be found here:

Or the hilarious show with Tom ‘The Bear’ O’ Mahony aired on July 21st: