Ten Girl’s Night Out Commandments

Most of us can admit to having done the following: planning a sophisticated night on the town with four of our besties only to wake up in the morning on top of our bed, still wearing our glad-rags with no idea how we got home.
But worst of all, is the moment where we turn on our computer’s to see the ghost of the last-night-past has already tagged us eleven times on Facebook.
So why not come back with your halo still intact these summer nights by taking a leaf out of the girl’s night out commandments…

1. Commandment one: Thou shalt not overdo the booze

Remember, while it might not seem in keeping with the party vibe, but its okay to skip a round if you feel the others are drinking faster then you. If not, try and follow the advice of drinkaware.ie and alternate every second drink with a non-alcoholic one. Even converting your tipple to a lighter one then your usual can make all the difference.

2. Commandment two: Thou shalt not ruin that diet

You spent all week denying yourself those chocolate biccies, instead eating grapes. So why ruin it all on an extra few drinks you don’t even need? Next time you’re browsing the bar menu, ask yourself how much that Piña Colada is worth to you. It may sound like a sweet and innocent coconut concoction, but it can have more calories than a burger.

3. Commandment three: Thou shalt stay pretty

It’s inevitable that with the drinking and dancing you’re not going to stay as fresh as when you started the night, so don’t forget to bring essential make-up items out with you such as makeup wipes, mascara, eyeliner, foundation and blush.

4. Commandment four: Thou shalt always keep in touch

When you’re on a night out with the gals, people will often end up separating, disappearing or flirting with Spanish hotties. Make sure your phone is fully charged so you’re not left stranded. Pre-arrange a meet up point in the bar or club just in case. Make sure you have some handy taxi numbers and spare cash to get home in case you end up separated from the pack right at the end of the night.

5. Commandment five: Thou shalt bring flats

While killer heels may look fabulous at the start of the night, don’t forget the hours of traipsing around bar to bar, not to mention the pilgrimage to the taxi at the end. Pack some flat pumps in your bag to slip on when your feet get tired.

Beware of tired feet!

6. Commandment six: Thou shalt not skip dinner

On these invitingly warm summer evenings it can be tempting to head straight out on the lash from work without anything substantial in your belly.

Unfortunately, a garden salad six hours ago won’t soak up that fifth vodka as well as proper dinner would have. Plus, you’re more likely to find yourself in the kebab house later on in the night…

7. Commandment seven: Leave out the drama

Girls nights are about fun and positivity, so try leave your issues at home if you can. It’s cool to throw caution to the wind and chat to new people. Crying and obsessing about texting your ex is only going to upset you, and the rest of the gang.

8. Commandment eight: Keep it stylish

Aim for Sex in the City rather thenJerseyshore! A list of no no’s include: leggings and uggs, too short skirts, and anything that’s too tight and means you’ve not only got a VPL but also a VB (visible bra) and VUB’s (visible unsightly bulges).

9. Commandment nine: Thou shalt not put yourself in danger

If you wouldn’t put your best friend into a dangerous situation, why would you do it to yourself? Never take lifts or drinks from strangers. If getting a taxi alone, make sure your cab is registered. When inside the cab call someone and read out the taxi’s name and registration number so that the driver can hear.

10. Commandment ten: Thou shalt watch your belongings

Having to call the bar/club/taxi company from last night is never a nice addition to a hangover. Especially when it turns out your phone, handbag, camera, driving licence, passport and keys are nowhere to be found. Don’t make a drunken night cost you more then it should – keep your handbag on you at all times, and stick your favourite coat in the cloakroom. You won’t regret it!