Turn that frown upside down

We can all appreciate those days where you wake up feeling great only for something along the way to change your mood; whether it’s receiving bill, a friend cancelling plans or the kids getting messy in the house.
But the only difference in people is the attitude they take towards these things, according to Catherine Fitzsimons, Trainer, Consultant and Coach (freshthinking.ie).
“Learning how to stop limiting beliefs replacing them with happy thoughts of success and positive messages such as “I am a happy person who radiates success,” may seem strange and alien to Irish culture,” says Catherine “but is vital to a healthy mind and spirit.” 
“Try smiling and feeling bad at the same time, bet you it is impossible…”
Below are some scenarios with some tips on how to mentally cope and adapt when things take a turn for the worse.

Bills, bills, bills

We all know that feeling. No sooner are you in the door, when you see it waiting for you. That huge bill you had been dreading. So how do you cope?

“Bills are an everyday part of life as we know it,” says Catherine. “Sometimes they can get on top of us as financial woes such as job loss and other money issues arise. 
“Firstly, it is good to plan by developing a budget and sticking to it.
“Of course life does not always happen by the book and sometimes you may need to either contact the creditor and make an arrangement to pay off the bill or if things are really getting out of control then it may be an idea to contact your local MABS (Money Advice and Budgeting Service) who can help take some of that stress away from you. 
“Remember, as long as you respond to demands in a positive way rather than ignoring the problem, you are halfway to finding the solution.”

Noisy neighbours

You’ve just sat down to peacefully read your book out the back garden, and there it goes again – the arguing, the screaming children, the deafening music.
“Noisy neighbours can be difficult to cope with and often ongoing bad relationships are lived out for years in a totally futile manner,” says Catherine. “There is a need here for open and frank communication in order to deal with problems or ideally prevent issues from arising. 
“This can be achieved by talking to the other party and working towards finding a working solution.  Early prevention is always the best option rather than waiting until anger rises to confront the problem.”

Getting clamped

Most of us will be familiar with the sinking feeling you get when you return to your car to find the local council have fitted it with a pretty yellow shoe. So do you fly into a rage? Or calmly have it removed?
“This personally is my pet hate and I absolutely struggle to remain positive. I would encourage people to firstly ensure they have learned from their mistake,” says Catherine. “For me, it was ensuring I always gave myself ample time on the meter so if I am delayed somewhere I can relax with confidence. 
“Forcing yourself to smile while you pay the bill and also when the clamper comes back to remove it, is good for the soul as it shows a positive energy.” 

Your mate cancels

You’d been looking forward to meeting your friend all week, but she’s just called saying something unexpected has come up. Although you’re not annoyed, you can’t help feeling disappointed.
“Remember, plans are made to be broken,” says Catherine. “And that is another fact of life but, consider the friend and their reasons for cancelling. 
“Sometimes life just gets in the way and people have all sorts of issues that force them to pursue alternative avenues. The common sense rule applies to those fair weathered friends who always let you down. Find new ones and treat others like you would like to be treated.  Of course it is also imperative that you bear them no bad feeling but simply that you move on with your life and remember to be happy.” 

Messy kids

 You just finished cleaning the house, and then leave the room for two minutes, to return to utter chaos.
“This is a tough one,” says Catherine. “First things first, keep the head and remember that they will not always be kids. Someday you might actually like to see that child free house become messy again.
“Moreover try and appreciate that they are healthy kids who are able to make a mess.  “Often we take for granted those precious moments that are now.
“Become aware of you, forgetting yesterday or tomorrow and just focus on the only time you will never have and that is now.”

You can learn more from Catherine Fitzsimons at www.freshthinking.ie or www.organicmedia.ie. Add her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/organicmedia