Love is.. the six nations

Laughter, booze, and men’s thighs are some of the pleasant memories that spring to mind of the past few weeks. I have to admit, that for not the first time, my loyal following… Continue reading

You are what you eat II

I’m afraid to admit I have become a little like my nemisis Dr. Gillian McKeith (see earlier post ‘You are what you eat’.) The woman, who hails from the crazy world of the… Continue reading

He’s just not that into you..

So I was strolling around on one of my many wandering ‘s (I do like to wander, it makes me feel very free) when I came across Waterstones. I hadn’t been in there… Continue reading

Having the quack..

With lack of a love-life and/or social-life except training to become a bonified journo, I went out to the park today to take some pictures of nature and birds. Look what I found? The cheeky… Continue reading

Sometimes the craziest choices, turn out the ‘Best’..

    Let me be clear about one thing, staying in a hostel is a bad idea unless you are backpacking or there to get trashed. Coming to London on work experience is NOT… Continue reading

How to date a guy by his profession..       COmPuTeR guys= can seem ver(y) EnDeaRing @ first. There’s just something about them that makes you want to take them home and snuggle up to them in front of an… Continue reading

First date’s..

There is alot of things written in books and magazines about first dates. Films are made on the hilarity that comes with those awkward first few dates. It is all to easy to forget… Continue reading

You are what you eat

So.. a new year, a new diet. It was on holiday over new year that I decided I was sick of carrying an imaginary food shaped baby in my 3 months non-pregnant belly.… Continue reading


For all my blabber about men, changeling behaviour, holiday romances, and indulging your inner geek, it’s good to sometimes recognise that we women, in a hilarious way, can often be the reason for our own… Continue reading

The Holiday Romance

Why is it, sometimes as women we can find ourselves so insanely unlovable? Why is it that a holiday romance can suddenly turn everything around? When you are single, you need some affirmation that you… Continue reading

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