Top Celeb Chefs Share Their Weirdest Eats…

Reindeer testicles, loin of puppy, snakes eyes and cat liver. While they might sound like the ingredients you would toss into the witches cauldron this Halloween – for top UK celebrity chef Hugh… Continue reading

Catch the Worm!

Are you an early bird catches the worm kinda gal or do you come alive in the night time? Does the sound of your alarm buzzer going off in the morning fill you… Continue reading

The Lies of the Diet Industry

The website is basic and the lies unconvincing. But the testimonial telling of a yoyo dieter who could now share how she finally succeeded in losing weight, may convince some. The endorsement is… Continue reading

Open Relationships = Make or Break?

Spreading the seed, sowing the wild oats, playing the field – while there are many different ways to talk about ‘getting it on’, to this day, the open relationship has usually been the… Continue reading

Vanessa Lacey – Transgender Woman

My article in the Irish Independent today with transgender woman Vanessa Lacey. I have to say Vanessa was one of the nicest people I have ever interviewed, and the piece makes for interesting… Continue reading

Good Morning Dublin

Listen to the podcast of Good Morning Dublin on Dublin City FM with me (off my head on paracetamol with a chest infection, trust me, it makes for extra entertaining listening) and Jenny Darmody.  As usual,… Continue reading

Not the year you had planned

Throughout our lives we all face challenges. One of these could be cancer. Meet Cathy McCarthy a brave woman diagnosed with breast cancer who not only fought this challenge head on, but decided… Continue reading

Comedy Corner

Check out the podcasts for my weekly Comedy Corner show on Dublin City Fm at


Ever known within a split second that your mates ‘Gucci’ handbag was a fake? Or been aware you’ve met a man who is really right for you without having spoken to him yet?… Continue reading

Good Morning Dublin – Dublin City FM

Listen to myself and Emily Sheerins first ever Good Morning Dublin show on Dublin City FM. Its a jam packed show. Emily and I talk to American journalist Mara Rose Shapiro about her memories… Continue reading

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