That Forever September Morning

  The atrocities that occurred exactly 10 years ago today will not quickly be forgotten by Irish and Irish Americans. “That Forever September Morning: Memories of 9/11” is a podcast created by Glucksman… Continue reading

Living with Autism

Meet Lisa Domican, mother of two children Grace, 12, and Liam, 13, who both have Autism – a lifelong developmental disability that affects how a person communicates. Lisa adores her kids and loves… Continue reading

EDS – Living with a life changing disorder

Jamie O’Brien is just like any other energetic 21 year old with a passion for life. He plays the decks, enjoys hanging out with his mates and loves going to concerts. But the… Continue reading

Domestic Abuse

Sarah* believes she is worthless. The reason she believes this is because her husband tells her so – every single day. She has been verbally, emotionally, physically and financially abused. She has no… Continue reading

Domestic Abuse – Radio Podcast

Domestic abuse is an issue that cannot be ignored in Ireland and all over the world. Between one quarter and one half of all women in the world have experienced abuse by intimate… Continue reading

The Dukan diet: The diet you ‘can do’?

It’s ‘The Diet’ of the moment, with sophisticated celebs such as Giselle, Jennifer Lopez and Kate’s mum Carole Middleton, all swearing allegiance to it. But whether The Dukan diet (pronounced do-can) is the… Continue reading

Turn that frown upside down

We can all appreciate those days where you wake up feeling great only for something along the way to change your mood; whether it’s receiving bill, a friend cancelling plans or the kids… Continue reading

“I told you I was trouble…”

No suicide note was beside Amy Winehouse’s body when she was found dead in her apartment last week. But the poignant and sudden death of a young starlet, so full of talent, still… Continue reading

Ten Girl’s Night Out Commandments

Most of us can admit to having done the following: planning a sophisticated night on the town with four of our besties only to wake up in the morning on top of our… Continue reading

The F Word

I was digging around this evening, looking for something laptop sized and I found a 2009 edition of Cosmopolitan magazine. I used to keep every one I bought for a range of reasons, until… Continue reading

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