Day One of Britney Bod revival…

Day One of Britney Bod revival and I nearly killed myself in the park… Sprinted for several minutes then jogged for about ten, then walked for about seven. Nearly died, SO unfit. Wondered… Continue reading

Get Fit for Free

Got a jelly belly that just won’t shift? Waking up in the middle of the night worrying about that ominous pink bikini in the drawer? If so, you’re not alone. That time of… Continue reading

Say Goodbye To Counting Sheep

They say a good sleep can cure any ailment. So its not surprising when we lack in a good nights kip it can make our outlook less positive then usual. But recent studies… Continue reading

Always love yourself

Is it narcissistic to confess that I have been enjoying more then just a pinch of the old – me and me bonding time recently? I had forgotten the pleasures of a room,… Continue reading

Pole Fitness

Apart from the fun factor it’s been estimated that beginner pole fitness dancers can lose between 300 and 400 calories per hour! Just Dance, providers of the classes, also claim it is a… Continue reading

No Regrets

They say a life without regrets is a life half lived. But when the regret starts to take over, you might want to take a look at how it is affecting your life.… Continue reading

Ways To Live Longer

Whether you want to live forever or simply be cryogenically frozen like Britney Spears – living past 100 is completely possible in today’s world. But one thing is for certain if you want… Continue reading

New Year, New Love Prospects

If you’re intent on bagging yourself a beau in time for Valentines Day, it might take more then one or two drunken Saturday nights on the razz to conquer the dating world. After… Continue reading

Ways to Stick to Your New Year’s Diet

The weather is miserable, the Christmas cheer has completely passed and you’re looking out to a bleak and dreary January and February. But if that diet resolution you made on New Year’s Eve… Continue reading

Can you deal with criticism?

Whether it’s your friend, your family or your partner pointing out your flaws – criticism always stings. None of us like hearing it and most of us don’t like to have to do… Continue reading

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